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A play of Physical Theater and Contemporary Dance.

This is not Art.

This is the result of a collaboration between millions of anonymous authors:

anonymous even to themselves.

It is the exquisite corpse of our consumer society.

It is the whereabouts of our foolish habits.

It is the chaotic secret that resides between us.

It is the reflection of who we are

What was it? What will it be? What are you?

Selected after invitation and presented for the first time at the 8th PRISMA International Contemporary Dance Festival in Panama, Y explores the eco-social results of our actions through nonlinear time. 

Co-creator performers:

Mariela Aragón Chiari

Milvia Martinez

Alexander Schoffer

Stephanie Lee

Achilles Navarro

Carlos Quirós.

Written and directed by:

Carolina Figueiredo & Ricardo Linero Ledezma

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