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Created by Carolina Figueiredo and Ricardo Linero Ledezma.

PATACóN is a multidisciplinary artistic project that uses art as a platform for raising awareness and spreading social, educational and environmental messages. From various perspectives we illustrate realities on an environmental problem directly affected by social and governmental issues.

We had to get into our own trash to be able to talk about it.

Video art recorded in Cerro Patacón, the garbage dump of Panama City.

This is not Art.


This is the result of a collaboration between millions of anonymous authors:

anonymous even to themselves.


It is the exquisite corpse of our consumer society.


It is the whereabouts of our foolish habits.


It is the secret that lies between us.


It is the expression of Cerro Patacón.


It is the cry of a voiceless child.


As artists, we had to get into our own shit to be able to talk about it.

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