A conversation between video art, dance, music and architecture that questions the current idea of ​​progress.

Abandon the masculine verb to build, full of verticalities and hierarchies

begin to conjugate the feminine verb to knit: horizontal and full of textures

that is only embellished in the differences.


t.ejer is a verb in lowercase, like a subtle look at our living spaces, made of concrete and at the same time in constant deconstruction - both external and internal - that offers a look at the constant construction of ruins, through a dialogue with the female body.


Conception and creation: Carolina Figueiredo

Music: Lutz Gallmeister 

Video: Fernanda Aloi / Ricardo Linero Ledezma 

In 2020, invited by the Prisma Festival, the work was conceptualized as a live performance in dialogue with an old television that transmits different scenes, creating a dialogue between the present body and analogous images of different architectural scenarios in which that other body appears and disappears. The search at the level of movement occurs from a built, strong and vertical body that breaks down into an exposed fragility; full of different textures. To transform that body into a tissue represented by an infinite number of circular movements. The sound conceptualization is developed by the german musician Lutz Gallmeister where the universe of sound travels between everything that is inside a wall: electricity, water pipes, hidden voices and industrial sounds.