*Working in progress.


Stop building 

masculine verb, full of verticality and hierarchies 

begin to conjugate the feminine verb knit 

horizontal, colorful, full of textures 

that only beautifies the differences.

t.ejer is a conversation between video art, performance, architecture, music and dance in which the ephemeral nature of spaces and customs becomes waste is questioned.  To be conscious about the constant building of ruins, through a dialogue between architecture and the female body. A subtle look at gentrification from the zero degree of the perception of a naked body, and from the dirty of the artist's own feet. Words as the luxury of silence, and movements as the luxury of a pause inherent in a street in which buildings were abandoned in the name of real estate speculation. t.ejer is a verb in lower case, with pauses and in constant deconstruction; in which the displacement occurs from an exposed fragility.

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